Start-to-finish design, financing, and implementation services to convert residuals to energy most efficiently.

BioTec waste pre sorting process

with turbo dissolver system sorts MSW and food waste yielding 95% organic slurry ideal for anaerobic digestion and non organics for wet gasification. A dozen reference sites are efficiently pre sorting 30k to 300k tons per year.

30% higher biogas yield possible

with patented fixed bed register reactors. The UDR system retains bacteria colonies on its 2,000m2 surface areas, lowers operating costs and takes up less space. Three dozen operating facilities in Europe. All UDR functions in one: MonoTube, ideal for cafeteria organics.

Patented wet gasification technology

pre processes non organics, cellulose, lignin and toxins in saline solution prior to gasification without burning. No tar build up. Ideal for MSW non organics, dirty wood, railroad ties. Large scale reference plant will wet gasify driftwood in 2014.

Patented Upflow & Downflow Reactors

The highly efficient standard Building Blocks of the UDR Biogas Plant are 4m dia by 11m high. The Reflow tank size is calculated based on Feedstock Quantity and Retention Time.

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Product Approach assures lower Cost

The BioTec Waste Sorting and UDR AD Technology cover the range from a 8 tons per day MonoTube. A plant with six UD pairs and two Reflow tanks processes 300 tons per day. Our pre fabricated US made Systems are expandable for increasing Feedstock Quantities.

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