The Company

BIOGAS Equity 2, Inc. is an independent electric power and renewable vehicle fuel producer.

We develop, finance, build and typically operate waste conversion plants to generate 500,000 kWh to 100MWh of electric power plus heat per year. Converting waste to energy is well understood in Germany and is a large contributor of renewable energy.
Our German engineering partners have the rights to Germany`s newest and most efficient waste pre sorting, biogas and advanced gasification technologies. With over twenty years of experience, their engineering and manufacturing know how can be trusted.

The BioTec waste pre sorting process for municipal solid waste (MSW), food waste and yard clippings uses a unique turbo dissolver that outputs better than 95% organics that are anaerobically digested. A dozen large scale sorting facilities are available as reference.

Biogas plants are carbon neutral and the anaerobic digestion technology we represent represents the newest technology. The biogas plant converts the organics via a patented fixed bed register of the Upflow, Downflow, Reflow (UDR) process into biogas that powers a combined heat and power (CHP) engine and electric generator. It is ideal for feedstock such as manure, food waste and biosolids. Two dozen highly efficient plants are in operation in Europe with the oldest running for four years without needing tank cleaning.

The non organics, cellulose, lignin and toxin are pre processed in a patented saline solution at elevated temperatures and then gasified without burning. The resulting tar free syngas consists only of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and air to power a CHP with clean exhaust. The first large scale plant will be operating in Germany in 2013.

Our objective is to improve the environment by processing waste close to where it’s generated, and at the same time contribute to the country‚Äôs renewable energy objectives. We will convert any waste to renewable energy efficiently and cleanly.

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Patented Upflow & Downflow Reactors

The highly efficient standard Building Blocks of the UDR Biogas Plant are 4m dia by 11m high. The Reflow tank size is calculated based on Feedstock Quantity and Retention Time.

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Product Approach assures lower Cost

The UDR AD Systems are fabricated in Ohio and are expandable for increasing Feedstock Quantities. The MonoTube accepts as little as 8 tons while a six UD pair and two Reflow tank System will be fed 700 tons of organics per day for 8.4MW electric ... under construction.

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